I started yet another project, and for this I got a couple of cutoffs from work.  Aluminum jig plate, 1.5" thick.  But I wanted 1", and taking off that much from a couple of 3" x5" blocks would have taken me ages at home.  My mill is a Grizzly G8689, and while it has served me well, it does have limitations in regard to rigidity and HP.

But at work we have several nice Bridgeport machines, with all sorts of tooling.  Most of the work is done on CNC these days, so they often sit idle.  The toolroom supervisor said I could use one, and even provided a corncob cutter to use.  Three passes per block, taking off .490" in a pass.  Mill is equipped with power feed, so I didn't even have to crank the handle.

Now I am thoroughly spoiled, and jealous of anyone who has a full-size mill.  What would have taken multiple hours at home was accomplished in less than 15 minutes.  It took me longer to clean up afterwards than to do the milling.
Full of ideas, but slow to produce parts
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