4 x 6 bandsaw converted for vertical use
Since getting my 7 x 12 Jet bandsaw, I reasoned that I would probably never again be using my little 4 x 6 for horizontal cut-off work. I decided to convert it for strictly vertical cutting.

I made guide adapters to take the twist out of the blade, giving me a throat depth of just over 5 inches. I swapped out the 1/3 hp Dayton motor for a 3/4 hp Baldor. The original motor mount and even the belt both fit after the conversion. 

Table and table support tube slide forward to access the blade. Mounting brackets for the saw and motor mount were fabricated from 2" x 2" x 3/16" angle iron, and welded to a 1/4" steel support plate.

Since the motor has an open enclosure, I made a plywood cover to keep the chips off it, and to shield the pulleys & belt.  As a final step I installed a new Lenox bi-metal blade.

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