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RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 04-21-2021

Continuing with the bonnet painting, I get as far as primer, and the job is stopped, because every store stocks the paint, but none stocks the thinners for it!, then a Lidl Led light with a broken switch, which is all metal, and claims to be double insulated, but in my humble(LOL) proffesional opinion, it isnt! Then on to those bloody strimmers, rebuild both carbs with new diaphragm kits, and the Mculloch is finished and running, the homelite is all back together, but waiting for some silicone fuel pipe. Overall, good progress and tomorrow and Friday I am joined in the workshop by my dear wife, who insists that she will not appear on video, Thats a challenge!!
Phil, in really springlike East Yorkshire

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 04-24-2021

In the runup to the weekend, My wife comes to help, and lets face it I need it, most of my freinds say "Phil, get help" so she will be coming for at least a couple of days a week so we can get on top of the sorting out and selling of the remaining "stuff" and then finish the shower and the tea room! You can't beat having a room, just for TEA!
Phil, spring has reached us in East Yorkshire!

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 04-28-2021

Monday was rolling along nicely when I got a reminder about the B&S engine on the Mountfield garden tractor, and so the ststarter gets a service, then the shelves go up and get filled, the bonnet is painted, and we have the inevitable tidy up. They say you cant make an omlette without breaking a few eggs, I tend to fall face first into a whole tray of them, but it all comes out well in the end!
Several subscribers have told me they are not recieving notifications of new videos! I will be taking this up with youtube, but in the meantime, the advice is to unsubscribe and then re-subscribe. This "problem" is not unknown, and many other creators have complained to youtube about it!  I put out 2 videos a week, on Wednesday evening and late Saturday afternoon,  so if you don't get a notification, go looking for them till normal notification service is resumed, Thanks to you all for subscribing and for putting up with this Jiggery pokery from youtube!

Phil, Sunshine, with a chilly breeze in East Yorkshire!

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 05-01-2021

Thursday went well, and we made huge inroads into the final stage of sorting out, and getting ready for the bay or the dump! Friday went belly up when I was led up the garden path by a faulty ethernet cable tester, and spent hours of headscratching in the belief that my RJ45 pliers were not crimping properly, when the problem was actually a broken track on the tester PCB, which is eminently repairable! I don't often use it, and the last time I used it there was no problem! Above all, you MUST have test equipment you can rely on or you plunge down a rabbit hole of doubt and delusion, sounds just like my life story!
Phil, still sunny, still chilly, still Langtoft, East Yorkshire

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 05-05-2021

Fixing a VW camper, stripping printers for steel rod, and finally getting the toro 2CV engine running properly! I did drive it backwards and forwards in the workshop, but turned the camera off when I thought I was turning it on, what a plonker! It is seriously a relief that I have got to the bottom of the problem, carb was dry, and fuel pump not lifting fuel, so we know if it will not restart in a few days time that the pump valves are suspect, and the fuel is draining back to the tank. The moral of the story is don't leave engines standing for 20 years, and then expect to put them back into service without a bit of a fight!
Phil, April showers in May in East Yorkshire!

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 05-08-2021

The big "use it or get rid" continues. The final clearout is nigh! an accumulation of may years of "that will be usefull" collecting is finally ended when I realise that it wasn't! To be fair, a lot of this is left over from our auction visiting days, when the auctioneer would look at us and offer us "something mechanical" for 50p or a pound! We did use or resell an enomous amount, this is just the dregs, and a lot of it has a date with the scrap man en route to a chinese melting pot! It will be back before you know it, or else maybe blocking a canal somewhere on its way back!
Phil, Raining again!East Yorkshire

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 05-12-2021

At last the Toro project draws to a close, the bonnet goes back on, and the grass deck is refitted, I simplify the new belt fitting problem, and cogitation takes place over a mechanism to operate the existing belt pulleys as a jockey wheel to turn the drive on and off, and then from out of the ether, Inspiration!
Phil In High humidity, early monsoon, East Yorkshire

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 05-15-2021

Another two days tidying up, but first a trip to the scrapyard for a weigh in, and then to fix my Mondeo door mirror, which fell out after standing all day in the sun, I had to make a new backplate because when I replaced it previously I tried to remove the broken mirror, and ended up damaging the backplate. It was.......challenging! If you break yours, stick the new one over it!!
Phil, The rain has got warmer in East Yorkshire

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 05-22-2021

Hi all, I was ill Monday/Tuesday with post covid jab flu, so it is a short week this week! Managed to get the jockey pulley mechanism built and working, as usual there were interruptions, and little jobs to fit in between, but I just have a handle to fit to the top of the operating arm, and a gate for the lever, and tis done! I also fail miserably at mig weld filming!, I will go back to the old method, which worked well!
Phil, enduring the late spring hail and ice storms in East Yorkshire

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 05-26-2021

I get the jockey pulley mechanism for the grass deck drive finshed, and really that is the end of the Toro project, apart from paint, alternator bearings, and an annoying oil leak from the sump plug, Will this project never end! Then on Wednesday, Andy comes over fot the day and we start the "antique" trycicle build! Curioser and curioser!!
Phil, The rain has got colder in East Yorkshire