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RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 08-01-2020

Sometimes, in life, you have to make something a whole lot worse in order to make it better, this might be one of thise times! I have decided that if it is worth doing at all, my integrity demands that it is done properly, or as a mate of mine would say to almost any problem, "just throw money at it"! I have now reached the bottom of the pit of despair, and the 2CV engine, and myself are well on the way to recovery. It is a good thing that I got a replacement oil delivery pipe, because taking the old one off on Friday, I noticed it was pitted and leaking. I can't realy complain much, as it has been stood about twenty years waiting for me to get a round Tuit! Like, subscribe, comment, but above all LAUGH, as someone elses expense!
Phil, Hot and humid in the jungles of Deepest East Yorkshire!

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 08-07-2020

This week I fit some lights over the bench and the lathes, and also do an instructional on fitting a thread replacement helicoil thread kit. most of the 2CV parts have arrived now, but pushrod tubes are out of stock till next wednesday, but I have all I need to rebuild one side! The extra light will improve the quality of the videos, now all I need to improve is the content!
Phil, Great Swelterin on the wolds
East Yorkshire.

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 08-15-2020

Just when I thought that it couldn't get any worse, it did, not a problem, but an engineering challenge (he said, being positive!) Cylinder glaze busting, lapping and valve grinding, and then something completely different, commando gardening at my late aunts house, with cousin Keith! that was my week, that was! Enjoy, comment, like or even subscribe, and be amazed!
East Yorkshire, Awaiting the return of the monsoon!

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 08-21-2020

Hi all, this week we finish the emormous garden (63m x 23m) at my late aunts house, and I also spens a day doing the same at my Mothers. Some of the 2CV parts arrive, and I fixed the innertube, which I had caught with the tyre lever :-( Hope you enjoy it, it has made a change from the usual, and has cleared my head of the frustrations we all suffer from when dealing with mechanical devices! Onward and upward! Like, comment, subscribe, enjoy!
Phil, East Yorkshire under storm Ellen!

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 08-29-2020

Ignore the title folks, just an algoritham experiment! STILL waiting on deliveries, but despite the black dog this week ended on a high note, the second two pushrod tubes are out without much problem, and next week I will be rebuilding the engine (when my piston ring compressor arrives) Be sure to see what we found under the trestle table that was in the shed, quite an interesting bit of military history! I ramble on a bit this week, please bear with me and try to like, subscribe and Comment, even if it is only to shout "Stop procrastinating and GET ON WITH IT!!!"
Its not raining today, at the moment anyway,
East Yorkshire

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 09-04-2020

Victory at last! I finish making the pushrod tubes and the retainers, and get them fitted, more parts arrive, and the barrels and pistons go back on! She is going back together. Soon I will be able to refit the broken exhaust manifold and weld the pipe up, thus fixing the reason that all this nightmare happened. Watch, like, subscribe, comment, be amazed that I finally stopped procrastinating and got stuck into it!
Autumnal, but still quite warm,
East yorkshire

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 09-11-2020

Trials and tragedies, the ups and downs of another week in my workshop! The 2CV engine goes back together, the broken exhaust manifold which started this sorry tale gets welded, and the whole project shudders slowly forwards. Laugh, cry, subscribe, comment, but thanks for watching, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I haven't enjoyed making it! I WILL get there in the end!
Summer is switched off on the 31 of August in East Yorkshire

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 09-19-2020

Yes folks, engine back in and almost running, and for once it almost all goes smoothly. It is a good thing that I did go this far into the engine, because if I hadn't, the corroded oil cooler and oil feed pipes would have ensured that the engine had a life of about 20 minutes! It will run early next week! Make comments, give me a like, and please subscribe.
in warm and sunny East Yorkshire!

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 09-26-2020

I start the week baffled by a non running engine, find the fault (eventually) and now it runs every time! It is not right yet, but a lot can happen when a carburettor is stood empty for 20 years! I finish off with some boring on the lathe, as the next 2cv engine job is to make the exhaust pipes, which means I heed to get my hydraulic bender working! No Futurama jokes please! I think I feel a pipe bender stand coming on hext week. Like, subscribe comment and enjoy watching a bumbling idiot at work!
Heavily Autumnal East Yorkshire

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 10-03-2020

As they say in Yorkshire, this weeks video is "Neether nowt ner summat" It has been an unsettling experiecne watching my eldest who has Aspergers syndrome, start university at York, thankfully, although she was very nervous about going, as soon as we arrived, and she met the people she had been talking to on facetime for a couple of weeks, she was fine, and I have almost recovered from the loss as well! Still I got both tyres off the tractor, and one back on, started the bender stand, fitted two  LED floodlamps, and extended the burglar alarm system! Like, subscribe, enjoy, clap, and throw money!
A rainy day in East Yorkshire.