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RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 10-28-2023

Hi Folks, Been so busy this week but didn't actually get much workshop time in as the recent stress over the Rats and the leaky roof (also rats) has set off my old gippy digestion ailment, which means the only thing I want to do this week was curl up somewhere nice and warm and come out in spring! I soldiered on and got a bit done, but the weather has been atrocious, so no roof work! I have got the sheeting for the roof, so all is assembled and ready to go ahead as soon as there is a break in the weather!! I get the remaining castings stripped and a coat of brushing primer filler on them, and I must say they are all looking good! 
Phil, in the Autumn deluge in East Yorkshire!

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 11-11-2023

Hi folks Another short week ofodd jobs! First and most importantly, I get the roof finished, so we are watertight again! I purchased a job lot of metric colchester student parts, including a T-slotted compound slide which means I am now looking for a QCTP! been after one for ages, and the price for all these bits was too good to pass up, and the guy delivered them too!! I get the parts that I am not keeping cleaned up and ready for sale. As usual I spend some time tidying up and moving stuff with the intention of getting the tractor back in the workshop for winter, and hey presto, come home Friday night, and the Tractor number plates have arrived, I can move it legally! Thursday this week I was at Bridlington for Cath to have a shoulkder XRAY as she fell out of the wheelchair on a bad drop kerb, and may have a fractured shoulder, and Monday next week, car gets its annual service and MOT, so nowt will be done! I just hope it passes! 
Phil, sun and rain with a chill in the East Yorkshire air!