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RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 06-05-2021

A short week due to bank holiday, but lots crammed in to this video, some bench repairs, a homelite strimmer, a karcher K2 pressure wash, and then theres the oil tank swap up at Keiths, replacing the top bearing in the Harrison mill vertical head, and then Richard Kirkman arrives to make a T nut for the topslide of his Colchester Student in order to fit a Quick change toolpost! all these jobs in only four days! A busy week, and lots of fun was had by all!
Phil, Summer at last in East Yorkshire, but the monsoon is coming!

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 06-09-2021

Clean all the machines down after Fridays furious T nut machining session, and find out that 304 stainless is not magnetic! then on to the tractor, new bearings go in the alternator, the oil leak gets sorted, and finally strip the grass deck and its operating mechanism for repainting. In the meantime, the heavens open, and Langtoft floods!
Phil, in East Yorkshire, sunny and hot, with occasional floods!

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 06-12-2021

I finish the cleanup on all the grass deck parts, and then go up to the field, and repair a Hayter mower, and a westwood garden tractor, the sandblasted deck comes home on Friday, and we get all the priming finished!
Phil, in scorching East Yorkshire

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 06-26-2021

Monday was ok, got on well. Tuesday the car failed its MOT on emissions, and is BER! Wednesday, bought a new(to me) car. Thursday I got some more work done, and took the new motor for a 60 mile round trip for my wife's appointment. Luckily there was half a tank of fuel in it, as I discovered that I couldn't undo the filler door! All fixed in this video! The wheelhorse grass deck gets finished, and looks really good! Phil, in Early monsoon East Yorkshire

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 06-26-2021

Yes, unbelievable but true, the Wheel horse 2CV tractor is complete, the project is finished, now all that remains to do is take it to the field and see what breaks first! In order to do this however, we must first find the gateway, which has disapeared under a jungle of head high brambles and nettles, so out come the strimmers, and in we go!!

Phil, Dodging the raindrops in East Yorkshire!

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 06-30-2021

I start the Fordson rebuild with fitting a new water pump, and almost immediately, it all goes wrong, and then goes right again, but I get the cowl bonnet and radiator off, and then have a problem with an innacesible bolt on the pump, but persistence (and bodging) pays off in the end, the pump fits, but there is a difference in the pulley arrangment which means I need to get another pulley, but ebay comes up trumps!
Phil, in damp and humid East Yorkshire

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 07-03-2021

I get the water pump fitted to the Fordson, have one of my tidy ups, and then have a look at the topper and see what we will need to join the two together, I have the driveshaft, but quite a lot of the heavy metalwork on the topper is bent, and one of the flail cutters is stiff, so in we go! I need a new top link, and immediately immersing myself in the mysterious world of tractor subculture, I learn that I may need a cat 1 top link.......maybe, and also some bigger pins for the bottom link connections, and some bottom link arm balls, as mine are worn out (Fnar Fnar) I get the driveshaft sliding in and out (Fnar fnar again) after a generous application of lube (what else?) but the safety cover for the driveshaft is missing, and as they are all plastic, and £70! I may have a look at making one. It has obviously been used without one, but it obviously needs one to keep it safe, I will see what I can come up with, we may have some plastic turning to do!
Phil, in the East Yorkshire rain forest, on a jungle taming course!

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 07-10-2021

The Fordson Major E1A refurb continues, with some Time spent hammering the Big Bee topper straight again! Another short week I am afraid. Had two lost days for trips to York, so much for getting a full week in!, lots of dirty work done, and the panels go off for blasting, water pump pulley arrives, and thank goodness it fits! I only just seem to have started this project, and it is really coming together. I shall be painting and power washing next week! It all came together on Friday when I took all the parts for Blasting and got a top link and pins for the tractor from my local Agri merchants, Scrutons of Foxholes!! Cheaper than the internet!
Phil, in damp and humid East Yorkshire

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 07-17-2021

This weeks highlights are sidetracks and interuptions!, and tales of the work I intended to do, but others had other ideas! My antique dealer mate turned up with four boxes of what is known as (in the trade) "Donkey" too good to throw away, but difficult to sell into anything but the small item collectors market, which functions very much on personal taste rather than any known make or value of item! On the basis of, "if you dont like it, burn it" I accepted it for cleaning and listing, but I am not sure I would do it again, because of the time it takes! I got the bushes that I need for the topper made and fitted, and some other little jobs like straightening drawbar pins done, but the sandblasting isn't ready yet, so I may end up putting the radiator back on the tractor on monday, and moving it outside for a steam clean, and to fit the girder trolley, so I can lift the topper, so that I can get it all put togther! Onward!
Phil in blisteringly hot East Yorkshire, 27 deg today!!

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 08-01-2021

The workshop advances a tech level when we fit the new girdar trolley and get the chain hoist up, Rocker cover and other bits get painted, and I finally get onto the broken bolt in the front axle carrier casting, the results aren't good!! I hope persistence pays off!! I am posting this as parts 3 and 4 because I have shot over an hours worth of footage This week!
Phil Still hot in East Yorkshire.